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Paul McCabe
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    Maybe Jeff or Tim will stop by and advise whether the type of past tense used is important.

    I was helping my daughter with her SATs preparation and the sheer amount of grammatical labels is staggering and, frankly, something I had overlooked.

    I suspect that, with the Belief Blaster tracks, it depends on the wording of the original belief. So, “I am not good enough” might change more naturally to “I was not good enough.”  That is a more natural time-shift, as it retains the same structure. I can see more power in that than, say, “I have not been good enough.”

    Similarly “I am a failure” can shift to “I was a failure.” I could see the case for “I have been a failure”  (Present perfect continuous, apparently), but this is not strictly in the past.

    The resonance might vary from individual to individual and shows the power of language to shift meaning.

    It is a great question, Brian, as I do wonder whether the *type* of past tense used is important…or whether the specific tense used can have another impact.

    I believe the crucial thing is just to move the tense from the present into the past, and that any version of the past would be sufficient.

    For anyone reading this who has not purchased at the introductory price, I would highly recommend listening to the podcast on the product page.


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