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I have no problems rephrasing Core Beliefs like I'm powerless, I'm not good enough in the past tense. It's working pretty well.

1) I face doubts when I'm trying to work with supporting beliefs like

“People would not like me if they knew the truth about me”

I understand finding and working with its corresponding core belief “I'm bad” or “I'm not good enough” is the way to go but can we also work with the supporting beliefs directly? ( Incase I'm not able to detec the underlying core belief)

If so how do I rephrase it?

People have not liked me when they discovered the truth about me” ?

2) I would also really like to work with situation specific beliefs like

“I don't think I'll get that job”

“It's too late to apply for that job”

I'm not sure if Belief blasters are meant to work with beliefs like these but I would still like to test it out. I just don't know how to rephrase them.

Can someone help me out with this?