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    I have no problems rephrasing Core Beliefs like I'm powerless, I'm not good enough in the past tense. It's working pretty well.

    1) I face doubts when I'm trying to work with supporting beliefs like

    “People would not like me if they knew the truth about me”

    I understand finding and working with its corresponding core belief “I'm bad” or “I'm not good enough” is the way to go but can we also work with the supporting beliefs directly? ( Incase I'm not able to detec the underlying core belief)

    If so how do I rephrase it?

    People have not liked me when they discovered the truth about me” ?

    Hi Whitelotus,

    As Brian and yourself have acknowledged, identifying the core and simple beliefs and working through them systematically seems to be a very effective strategy. It will bear fruit.

    Worrying what people think about you is at the core of that belief, so you could run the Free CT ( or one of the more advanced tracks on the imagined outcome of people finding out “the truth” about you. Keep CTing that down to 0 (or as close to it as possible) and you will probably notice a profound impact and it would not be atypical to be worried what people might find out to feeling absolutely fine about it…and fine about YOU.

    Also, identify “the truth” and be clear on what it is. I know other people have had this fear. It shows up in different guises.

    People will find out that…

    “I have a criminal record…”

    “my marriage broke down…”

    “I went bankrupt…”

    “I am gay…”

    “I am a bad person.”

    These are just examples and I have heard many. We live in an age where media will try to “shame”, ridicule and marginalise certain people and where many people on social media will pass moral judgement. Ultimately, though, whatever the “truth” is about you, then you do not have to feel bad about it or feel alienated.

    Of course, if the “truth” is that you are engaging in unethical behaviour, then that can be helped too. Even at that, behaviour does not necessarily define who someone really is. It is just part of the picture and we always evolve.

    So, to be bothered by what people might think, you might have two aspects at play:

    1) Not being accepting of who you are

    2) Not trusting people will accept you.

    Beliefs like “I'm not acceptable” and “People can't be trusted” might be at play. Other beliefs and emotional conditionings will feed into this, for sure.

    For the other beliefs, you might well find that you are giving meaning to the situation. “I won't get this job” can be emotionally neutral, positive or absolutely devastating. You will not get the job because……? How do you know it is too late to apply? Perhaps it is, but why would that matter?

    What meaning are you giving to getting or not getting the job? What would it mean about YOU if you didn't get the job?


    I CTed the imagined outcome immeditaely after reading this. There's instant clarity on the situation. Thank you. That was totally on point

    And Thank you so much for the thorough explanantion. I could use this as a blueprint for detecting core beliefs behind other issues too.

    Appreciate what you all are doing here. PSTEC has been life changing for me.