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Paul McCabe
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    Beliefs like “I'm

    Hey Paul,
                I must say that I always look forward to your posts.They always contain valuable information.The belief 'People can't be trusted' almost jumped out at me and rang true but somehow I am a little shaky at the very thought of blasting it away.I feel it helps to keep me safe and protected in this big, bad World.Wouldn't I be exposing myself by becoming totally naive
    and unsuspecting?

    Hi Shabier,

    Thanks very much for your kind words.

    Our sub comes up with beliefs to keep us safe and that is its intention. However, think of how a belief like “people can't be trusted” would limit us and how it would influence someone's life and decisions.

    It is a global belief. The counter-example is that some or even many people CAN be trusted.

    Eliminating a belief like this would surely remove the tendency to distrust people or to be more guarded. It would not remove discretion but could help someone build stronger bonds with others, as well as being more empathetic towards people.

    Identifying and then removing “people beliefs” and “life beliefs” can be incredibly liberating. It would not mean you go around life oblivious to danger. Rather, you can make a conscious assessment and will most likely be MORE clear-headed.

    You mentioned the “big, bad world” and that may be pointing to another belief you might wish to eliminate (e.g. “The world is dangerous.”) Think about how such a belief would influence your everyday thoughts and the decisions you make.

    There are objective dangers in this world and some people might betray our trust but, when you move from the general (“all people”, “the world”) to the specific (“that person”, “that situation”) AND “click away” on the imagined outcomes/worst-case scenarios…you will feel totally empowered and full of possibilities.

    Thanks again.


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