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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Rita,

    Thanks for your message.

    I think you could leave out “I believed that” and the meaning would remain intact. It just makes the belief easier to repeat during the process. Generally, the snappier, the better  ;D

    There may be an emotional component here too. What would you have to believe to hold a belief like “Money does not make me happy” ?

    There could be a series of beliefs propping this up. There usually is with a pattern. Then, just identify the pattern.

    Do you think a belief like “Money causes unhappiness” (“Money caused unhappiness”) resonates with you?

    This is not mentioned in the instructions of Belief Blasters, as that was not the intent, but I find that it can be useful to ask:

    “In what way would holding this belief restrict my progress? How would it impact me if I DIDN'T have this belief?”

    You know your experience better than anyone, so I would recommend giving this due consideration. It may well bring up some interesting perspectives.

    This might also  assist you in pinpointing some other beliefs and targeting those that are getting in the way.

    Please let me know if that helps, or if you need any further clarification, Rita.


    Paul  :D

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