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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Shane,

    Thanks for your message.

    Yes, it would still be “I wasn't safe”, as “I'm not safe/I wasn't safe” is a global belief.

    If you experienced a certain trauma, “I'm not safe” is a reasonable conclusion to reach at the time. It just gets extrapolated to all/most situations. So, you might not have been safe in THAT situation, but not all situations. And if you believe, on a subconscious level, that “I'm not safe”…certain feelings will be present.

    Every belief can be challenged and eliminated, really. Without knowing what the trauma was, I can discuss this in general terms.


    “Maybe I wasn't safe at that time, but that doesn't mean I'd never be safe”

    “Maybe I was just unfortunate and it had nothing to do with safety at all”

    “Maybe what happened had nothing to do with me at all”

    “Maybe I wasn't safe in that situation, but would be perfectly safe in others”

    I could go on…and on.

    So, no belief is ever 100% THE truth in an objective way. A belief acts as a perceptual filter, and everyone has their own set of “truths.”

    You can eliminate “I am not safe”, “It is not safe to feel safe” and layer in suggestions that accentuate protection and discernment. I highly recommend that approach.

    Please let me know how you get on, Shane. Also, feel free to reach out for clarification (if required).

    Kind Regards,


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