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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Scott,

    Good suggestion from Brian and good work on capturing the essence of your experience.

    Another variation of this belief (more of a negative expectation) could be “things don't turn out well for me.”

    The past tense would then translate to “things didn't work out well for me” or “things haven't worked out well for me.”

    Of course, to counter this (admittedly not a prerequisite of the Belief Blasters) you could then consider the counterexample “Some situations didn't work out well for me, but not all situations.” Also, think of times where you expected bad things to happen, but they didn't happen – this would be a case of LIFE itself countering the belief/negative expectation.

    This is not essential, but you may well find it a very beneficial exercise.

    You could find some underlying and accompanying beliefs by asking “what would I have had to believe about myself, life and other people to believe (the wording of the belief)?”

    You could also “chunk down” further on the belief by getting really clear on what your worst-case scenario is.


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