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Eamon Doherty

    Hello guys I'm a guy from Ireland Co. Armagh ( Paul ) :)firstly I've been reading the forum for a while and it's always very good to get tips as well as different perspectives to help along with this journey. Childhood trauma holds so many of us back probably also to do with the fact of how active our imagination was back then ( just had this wisdom thought ) we planted Those seeds so deep then but as we got older especially after the Santa bubble got burst we slowly began to use it less and less and with not nearly as much punch. Anyhow I've been using pstec for a good while and I wanted to share a recent shift and how it's came about. So in conjunction with pstec I googled positive core beliefs instead of negative and got a fantastic list off Carsten burns I think is the website. It's like a top 100 positive core beliefs and affirmations list but this is best and super for me bit. All you need to do is switch up a word or two to the ones you feel uncomfortable reading and all of a sudden you have chopped some branches of your negative tree. Examples.
    I am worth loving –
    I easily attract love.
    I deserve to be wealthy.

    I just edited so i could blast I wasn't worth loving- I couldn't attract love – I didn't deserve to be wealthy. The key thing is obviously reading a lot of them and which takes 2-3 mins and taking care to be honest with yourself some will seem true others bs it's just not how you talk or say things but you will get several hitting or at least putting pressure on the nerve. Bingo turn it into a negative then after you blast it simply pstec positive the original belief so what was a problem now has been fully switched over inside your mind. Paul and Brain be cool to hear your feedback on this.

    Psycho cybernetics by Maxwell maltz if anyone needs the perfect book to work along side pstec wow this recent discovery is a must have it's pretty long but it's a beautiful piece of art, I would actually suggest YouTube and think his name is Joseph Rodriguez who has a channel of study notes for loads of great books it's all the best bits broke down this to me is perfect for pstec they go hand in hand.

    Ok guys that's my first post hope it can help someone out I'm away to dig up and blast some more crap bye ?