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Eamon Doherty

    Paul thank you for the reply the suggestions about impatience and frustration from you guys recently within the forum have also been a massive help. Excuse the comparison but are you almost making a suggestion like taking to God or wisdom or the higher self when your saying ask why I'm a deep thinker you might have guessed ? I've read a lot of self help type material over the years I'm a manic depressive who chooses exercise and meditation/pstec over pills.

    My goal now is to never stop using this stuff I am worth it and it really helps if done systematically and correctly.

    If I'm completely honest I've had success then went backwards before and it's like Tim explained wth the scales needing to get over the tipping point. Any advice to force myself if you like to not fall of the rails again I don't believe I will but I'm feeling good right now hope this makes sense it's like preventive maintenance do the work so the break down doesn't happen !