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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Ed23,

    Congratulations on your progress, which I expect will only continue to deepen.

    “I'm a manic depressive.”

    That sounds like something that could certainly be blasted  ;)

    I think it is important to accept that old diagnoses do not have to form part of our present or future mind model. They are a label.

    A feeling of depression may have been something you experienced, but that does not mean YOU are a depressive.

    With PSTEC, you can define yourself anew and recreate yourself.

    I would recommend NOT forcing yourself at all and trust in the process, trust in yourself and be OK with things not being perfect at times.

    The PSTEC Click Tracks have a self-reflexive quality to them, so I would certainly recommend CTing on the imagined outcome of “falling off the rails again.” That is a negative expectation, of course.

    So, imagine that happening, rate the feeling from 0-10 and CT as close as you can to 0. With that imagined outcome losing its charge, I expect that you will be feeling very liberated.

    You could blast away possible beliefs you may hold about change or life itself. Check to see if any of these resonate with you:

    “Change doesn't last.”

    “Life is difficult.”

    “Changing is tough.”

    “I can't be helped.”

    “I'm not right.”

    See what else comes up.

    You could re-word these as you see fit, put them in the past tense and “blast” them away. Again…liberation  ;)

    These sort of suggestions, when run separately through PSTEC Positive may also help:

    “From today I can enjoy the progress I am making.”

    “I can trust in myself.”

    “I can feel good at anytime.”

    “I notice how strong I am becoming.”

    I hope that is helpful to you and please keep us updated on your progress.

    Paul  :D

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