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Eamon Doherty

    Paul ?? thanks a million.

    My own diagnosis by the way and yes agree it in itself needs blasted i honestly looked back at that second post and thought oops but no big deal ? I have done some work on the couldn't change am now able to change beliefs so we're Def on the same page with that one although you have certainly given me better layers to work through. I've just thought discipline could be a key to work through.

    I wasn't disciplined  I lacked discipline

    I quit to early I used to give up

    All your other ones will be be hit as well there on the money I'll keep you and the forum posted don't want to poison you too much ? that's only a joke though not a belief ? I'll prob blast it just incase.

    Honestly Paul thanks so much again all the best Ed 23

    A few suicide attempts by my parents when I was 11- 14 one on Xmas Eve hanging in a pub cubicle a guy got him down plus one when I kicked in the bathroom door to prevent my mum drowning after taking pills I was 13 ish it's seriously not a big deal anymore I've hit those tones of times although there are perhaps different angles to back with just opening up to inspire other people plus give you an insight after your kindness I was an angry teen who punched doors a lot ? ✌️