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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Juntjoo,

    Thanks for posting.

    A good place to start is simply to ask: “In what way do I know I have a problem?”

    Do certain feelings come to the surface? Do any thoughts or images crop up?

    You mentioned that the images you conjure seem to go away before playing the track. Just TRY to focus on the memories as the tracks play.

    When using the Click Tracks, you are effectively working with emotions tied to memories or imagined outcomes. To give you an example, “fear about an upcoming job interview.” Feel the fear, imagine the worst-case scenario and run the tracks.

    Rate the feeling on a scale of 0-10. After playing the CT, rate the feeling again. Keep using the CT until the feeling has dropped to a 0…or close to it. Effectively, keep going until you are no longer bothered by the memory or imagined outcome.

    This does not have to be done in one day, but resolution CAN be remarkably quick depending on what you are working on. Use your own discretion.

    Everyone imagines things differently. In the scenario I mentioned above, someone might imagine not answering the questions at the interview, getting embarrassed and not getting the job.

    You could certainly use the CTs when you are in a bad mood. It would do no harm to just try it this way and focus on the feelings. No doubt memories would come to mind as the track plays.

    You could make a list of everything in your life that you wish had not happened, and use the CTs to work through clearing each of these systematically. This would have a profound impact for you.

    You can go extremely deep with PSTEC, or you could simply resolve surface problems. Ultimately, it is up to the user.

    Another way of accessing the cause of your problem(s) is to use the Accelerators —

    Also, PSTEC CTs will facilitate you in neutralising any UNWANTED emotions.

    Each track will have its own unique instructions, but I surmise that you are referring to the Free Click Tracks.

    The key thing is that you follow the instructions for each track and, when you use the Click Tracks, TRY to feel the unwanted emotion while (if possible)  thinking of the memories/imagined outcomes.

    You will know the problem is gone when you can think of it and feel no emotion. You will look at things in a different way. This effect is compounded when you resolve other problems.

    To answer your questions with greater specificity, it would be beneficial to know which problem(s) you are addressing and which PSTEC tools you have available. Would you be ok to share that?

    I look forward to learning more, Juntjoo.


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