Reply To: Is it better to use click tracks ‘on demand’?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Juntoo

    As Paul and…. better to use CTs on demand? Yes! if you have the quiet space and and hardware also on demand. This might be the case if your problems are only in domestic circumstances but for most people this is unlikely. There are alternatives available both in the way you use the Click Tracks and other packages.

    PSTEC and Mindfulness is a FREE tutorial which teaches you how to remove unwanted emotions at the time you notice them. It does not once learnt require any techno gadget or hardware. You learn to use it in the moment and over time you will be able to reduce and remove any unwanted feelings.  it is a long tutorial which takes time to absorb but with some commitment and persistance will improve your life. An investment in time now to benefit the remainder of your life.