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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Benjamin,

    Thanks for posting.

    As Brian noted…

    Two other points too:

    1) Eliminating a belief does not necessarily result in a huge emotional release. It certainly can produce this effect, and some people may feel jubilant after eliminating a belief – especially one that has had a big bearing on their life. For other people, it may take some time for the changes to become apparent. This will vary, based on the belief and the individual.

    As numerous beliefs can be linked to an emotional or behavioural pattern, it may require at least a few beliefs and emotional conditionings to be eliminated for the changes to become part of your conscious awareness.

    2) Some beliefs can describe your experience, while others feed into it to a larger degree than usual. I think eliminating “I have had to protect myself with fear” would do something positive to your experience, but it might also describe what is happening on a subconscious level. In other words, protecting yourself with fear might well be a consequence of holding other beliefs.

    You can, of course, experiment. I am very confident you will get a positive outcome.

    What might you believe to feel that you are having to protect yourself with fear? Do you feel any emotions (e.g. shame, embarrassment) about having the trauma in the first place? What specific changes are you afraid to make and what do you believe about the consequence of those changes?

    You can also ask the following (to help bring up other beliefs)

    –  “How do I know I'm…. “not attractive to girls”, “not safe” etc.?”

    Wait and see if any thoughts pop up. Things like “Girls aren't interested in what I have to say” or “I'm not safe in this world” would be examples of supporting beliefs. Also, if you had a core belief like “I'm not attractive”, it would likely feed into the pattern. Thinking about your current experiences of life, does that make sense?

    – “Why is being attractive to girls important to me?”
    See if any thoughts crop up – perhaps the core belief I mentioned will crop up. You can also run memories and imagined scenarios where you have perceived you are “not attractive to girls” through the Click Tracks.

    No doubt other thoughts will crop up, and now you can confidently “blast” these away.

    Also, when following the Belief Blaster instructions, go for ANY variation of the past tense that resonates with you. Once you target the beliefs and then move them into the past, I expect you will notice some truly profound shifts in your life.

    Thanks again for posting and please keep everyone updated on how you progress with this.


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