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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Benjamin,

    Thanks for posting.

    Even though you had a bad experience at the gym, this just shows an area you can address.

    Did you get a chance to go through those suggestions before today, or is that still to be done?

    Beliefs like “I will never be attractive” are built on a model of “I'm not attractive.”

    I am not saying that there is not a human need (to some degree) to be well-regarded by others, but the balance is key. If you regard yourself positively, you are unlikely to require quite as much as external approval so, when you do get it, it will just be a nice little bonus. You will not link your sense of self to how someone perceives you.

    “Some will, some won't. So what? Next!”

    The Click Tracks on their own can help you eliminate these patterns. Magic can happen when you are not attached to an outcome and feel good about yourself and life by default.

    Also, “being attractive” is an entirely subjective matter and the criteria you use to determine whether someone is attracted to you  (e.g. making eye contact, smiling) might not be followed by other people. To put it another way, is it possible that someone could be attracted to a person and not make their feelings “obvious”?

    Even if you objectively knew (to the extent that this is possible) that someone was not attracted to you, it does not mean they would never be attracted to you or that everyone would feel the same.

    Please let us know how you get on with this, Benjamin.


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