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shabier hassan

    But even if you justify the belief I suspect we extrapolate to self-centric beliefs (or have distanced ourselves developing these 'general' beliefs)

    Such that 'women cannot be trusted' is interpreted as 'I cannot trust women'

    It seems incompatible to believe the former without holding the latter to be true

    I understand your point about ownership but I suspect the discomfort of the latter may potentially be more effective when clearing

    I've experienced similar conflicts where I avoided using 'I' in favour of general statements. Once I resolved ownership or involvement in these beliefs no matter how uncomfortable the clearing was more effective and enlightening

    I'd be interested which was more effective for you



      I completely agree that both beliefs are related and dependent and by the word “justify” I meant “I cannot trust women” because “Women cannot be trusted”.I was working with a friend on his issues around women and I suggested that he make a list of all the incidents where he felt betrayed by a female, irrespective of the nature of their relationship.Then a wrapper followed by CT 2015 28 minutes and a Belief Blaster.
          Naruto, actually this was just an example and what I meant to convey was that there cannot be fixed rules apart from the two that Tim clearly mentions.