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Brian Tucker

    For what it's worth…

    I have processed nearly 200 beliefs thus far using Belief Blasters on myself. I can say with certainty that they are very forgiving in how you word your beliefs. I have also experimented with phrases as simple as “I was going to be punished” and “I was going to get in trouble” and several belief phrases that may or may have not been exact (probably not hehe) and using the 18 minute track they have been completely resolved.

    Many of my phrases have come simply from trying to describe the feeling and getting a phrase that came off the top of my head. I questioned whether it was perfect or not but figured hey may as well give it a go. Many times I have done this and it went right to the feelings that were associated with it every time. Often times I have been doing a belief and a similar one pops in my head while I am doing it.

    Bottom line – You don't have to be absolutely perfect especially when you run the 18 minute track. Just get as close as your gut tells you that you can. if that doesn't work then wait a day or two but at least that one will be removed and you will as a result get a little more clear on what the root might be.

    That is the beauty of these tracks. Tim has done a fantastic job with them and they are so efficient why not give a variation or two of a phrase a go and it will collapse the whole thing.