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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Mac,

    Thanks for your post.

    You raise some interesting philosophical points and, due to the experimental nature of the PSTEC tracks, you COULD experiment with eliminating any belief – whether you believe it to be positive or negative. However, I would advise that you check the “ecology” of doing this. You could consider whether any belief is, in fact, positive and whether eliminating a belief would be beneficial for you and what it might do to your mind model.

    Beliefs are not objective truths. They are just our “truths” and abstractions about people, ourselves and lots more.

    As Om has mentioned, I would suggest that…the more beliefs you eliminate, the more possibilities you create and you would undoubtedly reach very high levels of consciousness when you strip away the “appropriate” beliefs. Yes, that is my belief  :)

    What sort of positive beliefs have you considered eliminating?


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