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    Jessica Albon
    PSTEC User

      Hi everyone!

      I've been using Belief Blasters every few days on my list of beliefs and I've noticed something's come up a few times in the forums about positive beliefs. Today when I was doing my Belief Blaster on some resistance I have to a specific person, a bunch of positive beliefs came up for my list.

      I think it might make sense to blast positive beliefs because *any* belief might technically be getting in the way of something better. But I'm wondering if that's just because I really enjoyed Dogma as a kid. (Chris Rock's character has an amazing quote about beliefs vs ideas.)

      “I think it's better to have ideas. You can change an idea.  Changing a belief is trickier.  Life should be malleable and progressive, working from idea to idea permits that.  Beliefs anchor you to certain points and limit growth.  New ideas can't generate. Life becomes stagnant.”

      So, I was wondering what y'all think about using Belief Blasters on positive beliefs in addition to negative ones.

      Thank you!

      PSTEC User

        I know when you get to higher levels of consciousness, this is indeed the case.  The positive/negative are interwined in duality. 

        You'll hear “enlightened” beings speak of all beliefs as limitations because of this.

        One thing you might want to try, that I've done, is doing belief blasters on the negative belief and then right after on the positive belief. 

        This is easier to do with some beliefs than others.

        Paul McCabe
        PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

          Hi Mac,

          Thanks for your post.

          You raise some interesting philosophical points and, due to the experimental nature of the PSTEC tracks, you COULD experiment with eliminating any belief – whether you believe it to be positive or negative. However, I would advise that you check the “ecology” of doing this. You could consider whether any belief is, in fact, positive and whether eliminating a belief would be beneficial for you and what it might do to your mind model.

          Beliefs are not objective truths. They are just our “truths” and abstractions about people, ourselves and lots more.

          As Om has mentioned, I would suggest that…the more beliefs you eliminate, the more possibilities you create and you would undoubtedly reach very high levels of consciousness when you strip away the “appropriate” beliefs. Yes, that is my belief  :)

          What sort of positive beliefs have you considered eliminating?


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          Jessica Albon
          PSTEC User

            Thank you both! That was what I was thinking–that it could open up more possibilities. The belief that came up for me as something to try was, “I get what I set out to get.” Because as I've been playing with LOA, I've found I have a block to wanting things that involve other people because I believe that I get the things I want (I'm very lucky and also rather perseverant) and thus I might sort of railroad someone else into doing things my way if I'm not “careful.”

            Of course, there are some negative beliefs in there that I can use Belief Blasters on first, but I got to thinking that although “I get what I set out to get” is positive in some ways, it also may be holding me back in other ways and that got me wondering about the way positive beliefs can hold us back in general.

            And as I was browsing other threads, there was talk about not wanting to blast certain beliefs because they might be helpful to keep and that got me thinking about whether or not beliefs do keep us safe (ooh, I think I might blast that one “Beliefs kept me safe” :-)).

            At this rate, I will never work my way down my list! But, it's fun having a tool to try on the different beliefs that have colored my experiences.

            And I really like the idea of following up a “negative” belief with the “positive” opposite–I think I'll give that a try and see how it feels.

            Shailen Patel
            PSTEC User

              Interesting mac, I've done the same – self sabotage to the max because I thought I was too good and lucky!

              I wondered about doing positives but considered that if I removed the negatives then the 'positive' belief would probably have different meaning and/or behaviour attached to it

              Peter Bunyan
              PSTEC User

                Hi Mac

                Lower level positive beliefs blocking higher level ones? This sounds to me like those lower level positives are actually negative ones turned into positives using  positive spin. Although you might say those spun beliefs to yourself, do you actually believe them or are they excuses? Reasonable sounding words created as a more acceptable face of negativity? A form of procrastination perhaps?

                Just a thought!

                Brian Tucker
                PSTEC User

                  I thought I was too good and lucky!

                  That is not positive energy and it's certainly tied to some negative beliefs. If you are placing excess importance on how good you are or how lucky you are it would be wise to explore why that is.

                  Shailen Patel
                  PSTEC User

                    I shall do. It was more a self sabotaging reaction to finding novel solutions to problems and opportunities coming up when others didn't.

                    PSTEC User

                      Hey mac – wanted to share something I've learned about LOA because I had some of the same reservations especially around your particular belief of “I get what I set out to get.”

                      I felt it was too narrow as well, so the fix is to add “or more” “or better” to it.

                      So it would be I get what I set out to get OR BETTER.

                      More specifically I (will) earn at minimum $100k a year or more, so that it's not limiting or too narrow.

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