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Jessica Albon

    Thank you both! That was what I was thinking–that it could open up more possibilities. The belief that came up for me as something to try was, “I get what I set out to get.” Because as I've been playing with LOA, I've found I have a block to wanting things that involve other people because I believe that I get the things I want (I'm very lucky and also rather perseverant) and thus I might sort of railroad someone else into doing things my way if I'm not “careful.”

    Of course, there are some negative beliefs in there that I can use Belief Blasters on first, but I got to thinking that although “I get what I set out to get” is positive in some ways, it also may be holding me back in other ways and that got me wondering about the way positive beliefs can hold us back in general.

    And as I was browsing other threads, there was talk about not wanting to blast certain beliefs because they might be helpful to keep and that got me thinking about whether or not beliefs do keep us safe (ooh, I think I might blast that one “Beliefs kept me safe” :-)).

    At this rate, I will never work my way down my list! But, it's fun having a tool to try on the different beliefs that have colored my experiences.

    And I really like the idea of following up a “negative” belief with the “positive” opposite–I think I'll give that a try and see how it feels.