Reply To: PPE to deepen a belief?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi SLG

    Where I feel PE would be of benefit is on some self-love type statements which for the most part we may “consciously” believe and yet unconsciously may not have total buy in. Random example “I am a wonderful person” …some days yes and some days, not so much, right?…lol  Or “I find it easy to….”, “It is easy for me to …..” that type of belief – to enhance a more positive outlook on some areas of life.

    You wrote unconsciously, In the world of PSTEC we would say subconsciously. This layer of mind is all about emotions/feelings and is more powerful than the conscious layer which uses language. If there is some belief you do not totally “buy in” to, then you have some emotional resistance to it. You can just keep on working away with PE using the most effective statements as guided by Positve Secrets, eventually you will wear down that resistance. A faster process would be to remove that negative emotion first with one of the Click Track packages. This sort of removing the road blocks to absolute belief.

    Ask yourself “why”! “I love to exercise” so why am I still lying in bed? Why have I not got my kit together and be on the way to the gym? What reasons come up? See through those first flimsy excuses and ask yourself, now what are the real reasons? These are feelings not logical, they will likely be difficult and messy to tie down. Don't try, just click track them.

    A positive way of enhancing the self-love thing would be to download and listen to the FREE Wealth of Abundance. This hypnotic track by Tim aims to increase gratitude, for the things we have and do not have yet? Gratitude is an essential part of self-love, that and forgiveness. But here I am getting a bit beyond the scope of this post.