Reply To: PPE to deepen a belief?

Brian Tucker

    Thank you Brian!

    You've raised some really good points and after reading your post I considered maybe I'm looking for something to be “wrong” when it isn't — even though I've done the BB on “There has been something wrong with me” a few times already — perhaps it needs another round.

    I also maybe haven't really explained my idea since I've used “random” examples so here is an actual belief I was going to use PE on:

    “I am finding even more ways to appreciate myself and my life”.

    While I DO already have an amazing life I am open to having a fuller and richer experience of appreciating all the good I do have. As mentioned to Peter, I practice appreciation daily and it just feels so darn good, I'd love to feel even more of it…lol

    With appreciation,


    You may want to break it into two beliefs and then also create a few more variations to support it.

    I can find new ways to appreciate myself all the time
    I can always find new ways to appreciate my life

    Variation examples:
    From now on I will appreciate myself all the time
    I will always accept and appreciate everything in my life