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Brian Tucker

    Clearingman – Thank you for such details here's a quick recommendation I am sure other guys will get deeper into this.

    • I have a deep fear of being judged, but I am willing to do what ever it takes to get my life into a more productive and happy setting. So, with that being the case I am taking a step out of my comfort zone to share with you some of my issues, in hope of some guidance.
    • I am dealing with some heavy intrusive thoughts and OCD that are weighing me down. I have had trouble with anxiety for a good 8+ years, I don't think I have really had a break from it, although it has decreased a lot through self help work over the last 3 or so years.
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    Your post suggests you have general anxiety and social anxieties/phobias some of which you may not even realize because they are so familiar. I would suggest you pick up “No More Anxiety” and begin listening to that immediately every day for probably several months as the instructions say “until you have no anxiety for at least two weeks” While you are listening to the track think about these scenarios you have outlined the entire time while you are listening to the track. This can absolutely change your life.

    It also seems you have a lot of shame and as for all of the other thinking, it would be good to clicktrack those feelings and thoughts in addition to the no more anxiety daily. You can probably resolve the gay belief using belief blasters and the phrase “I've been gay”

    Your drinking is more than likely interlocked with the anxieties and shame. Resolve these and you will see a major change in your need to drink. It probably won't even have any importance to you anymore.