Reply To: Need some help here.

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Clearingman

    You have made a great start to clearing your issues. 1) You have a goal in mind “I know I am capable of achieving so much, and already have. I know I am a good person, and I aim to treat people fairly, and help others as much as i deem possible.” 2) You have made a start on doing something about it, you have found PSTEC. 3) You have started to work out the steps of “how to get from here to there”, you have started to ask questions on this forum. Working towards a goal improves self-esteem which will in itself help reduce those issues. But your problem is not the issues as you have discussed but what created them. You were not born with social anxiety and depression, you in effect learnt to have them. Something or series of things combined created those issues or symptoms if you like. You may not have actually noticed until some years after the original causative event/s. What to do about it though?

    Absolutely the next step if you have not already done so, is to download the FREE Basic Click Tracks, listen to the instructions and have a go and play with it, so you are familiar with what you are required to do.

    Write out a list on paper of all the things you would rather not have happened to you throughout your life. (If that takes  a lot of paper, it is only time and paper.) The earliest which may seem trivial in themselves are also important. Mark on your list the memories that feel most raw or painful, be they recent or old, and Click Track those first! Apologies for this basic generic advice, but I have to start somewhere.

    If you have any questions at all please keep on asking, do not hesitate or think it is a waste of time. We are here to help you. PSTEC has helped many thousands of people with all sorts of problems, it can help you too!