Reply To: Need some help here.

Brian Tucker

    Paul and Peter thank you. You guys are a mountain of information and support.

    Clearingman – Commend yourself for posting such detail here for others. A suggestion would be for you to keep detailed notes, updates and questions about your journey in a post here on the forum to follow your progress as you free yourself from this.

    Paul added some great info as the anxiety can make you think all sorts of wacky not real thoughts. Been there, done that. No more anxiety comes bundled with the clicktracks so you can combine all of the advice you see here. Just be careful not to clicktrack too much in a single session with all of that anxiety as it can really exasperate it. Try one or two runs of a clicktrack, maybe even three if you need to (per the instructions) on an issue and give it a day to see how you feel.

    I was clicktracking several hours a day for months and when No More Anxiety came out last April it was a complete game changer in the pstec toolset.