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Brian Tucker

    Example: I suffer from “x” (insert your affliction here)
    Becomes: I suffered from “x”

    “I suffer from” is not really a belief, it's a symptom or result of a belief.

    A belief might be… I am an alcoholic. which would translate to I've been an alcoholic” again this might be a belief, but it's not down to the core. The question would be to ask why are you an alcoholic? why do you need to drink? One example answer might be Because I am stressed…ok there's another belief “I've been stressed” but then the next question would be why are you stressed… because… e.g. I feel like I am a loser…ok now we are getting to a core belief I'm a loser aka I've been a loser…well the next question is why are you feeling like a loser, well because I'm not good at anything… ok I haven't been good at anything… again, why is that well because I have always felt like a failure… ok I've been a failure.

    Hope this helps. This type of work is precisely what a PSTEC practitioner can draw out of you. They can even help identify beliefs about you that you are not directly saying or thinking just by listening to what you are saying.