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Paul McCabe
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    Hi TB,

    You're very welcome.

    You interpreted that the way I intended it and thank you for asking such considered questions.

    By all means, you could experiment using PSTEC Negative in that way, but I see these as two different and distinct tools/ways for eliminating beliefs. They go about the same job in different ways and are crafted in a very specific way.

    It is not so much a case of whether one approach is better than the other. Rather, PSTEC has a suite of tools that cater to different needs or circumstances. Once a belief is eliminated, it will not affect you in the present. However, an emotional or behavioural pattern is usually linked to a series of beliefs and conditioned responses.

    It is also important to note that Belief Blasters are crafted very intricately and will be doing different things to your Mind Model. Shifting the belief to the past tense is just a small piece of the puzzle. I would definitely recommend using it this way first, get some great results and then seeing how you get on. I am confident no harm would come by “blasting” beliefs in the present tense, but maximum effectiveness will be achieved from following that instruction.

    A good example of this is that the Cascade Release audio track ( allows people who have no conscious memory of what caused their problem push it far into the future. This then affects their mind model in the present. This can  be very effective for some users (even more so than the Click Tracks). That does not mean that everyone needs to use this track; it just goes about change in a different way and offers yet more scope and variety for anyone wishing to change now.

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