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Brian Tucker

    Hello All –

    While I know the idea is also to get “under” the fear (as in, why would something be causing the fear?) I'm wondering if a simple “I've been afraid of _____” is effective and a good place to start? Or even, “I've been worried that _____”

    I haven't seen any 'set up' phrase like that, just a lot of “I couldn't have been” and “I haven't been” etc. type statements.

    Curious as always…lol

    Thank you!

    With appreciation,


    I have done that with the 18 minute track but it's optimal to get straight to the core belief…

    I've been worried that _____ I would get in trouble

    I've been in trouble
    I would have been in trouble

    On these two beliefs, you might even take it another layer down…why were you worried? Because… e.g It wasn't ok to make mistakes. “It hasn't been ok to make mistakes” “Mistakes have been bad”

    Again here another great example of how PSTEC practitioners can help you really get focused on belief statements to remove and help you get to the core beliefs that you can't see yourself.