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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Danny,

    Thanks for posting.

    You are pretty much spot on with the procedure – every track will have its own unique instructions and distinctions, and you can diversify the way in which they are used.

    The Accelerator tracks are also excellent for helping you discover the cause of issues and problems.There are reasons why you feel uncomfortable around women you find beautiful, as you have attached significance to being a certain way around them or have desired a certain outcome.

    There are so many tips and tricks within the free tutorials and forums.

    I wholeheartedly recommend the free Mindfulness tutorial, as it gives excellent information about how to use some of the PSTEC tools systematically to create profound and lasting change.

    A couple of other things: find out why you want to feel comfortable around beautiful women. Find out *why* that matters to you. On some level, is it about the approval of others?

    If you desire to get the approval of others, a good strategy might be to run the CTs on NOT getting the approval of others and not getting the desired results.

    So, what exactly is your end goal?


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