Reply To: Clarity On The Process


    got the free download link, thanks Paul!!!!

    also I want to add to this whole topics of women as I started reading the pdf about creeping past the graveyard”which I would also call psychological bypass…..

    from everything I can tell, the roots of my issue are very freudian, and have to do with my passed mother. she was a beautiful woman, and was not physically affectionate. she was an anxiety type, and didn't have much control over a certain type of emotional volitility. It came through as always being worried about me, and she would often verbally try to control and attack my Dad. not blaming her of course it takes two to tango!!!

    so even in the past month or so in looking even deeper at this issue, I often didn't feel safe as a kid….I also saw my mother in a lot of emotional pain and wanted to fix it, but didn't know how.

    so in talking to and seeing attractive women I want, I often have a fear of being attacked which I' am fairly sure is the root of my shyness and avoidance of them, even and especially when I can tell they are interested in me from across the room…

    this wanting to be safe which I spoke about above seems to tie to the uncertainty of being attacked which ties to the emotional volatility of my mother which sometimes was an emotional coldness too, little boy wanting love from his mother which she wasn't capable of expressing…logically I know this should be “approval” but for whatever reason it keeps tying back to safety…that love here also equates with that.

    I seem to have somehow have translated into a fear of being attacked when talking to beautiful women. maybe approval is under there again, but safety keeps coming up….

    btw I went to a friend's birthday party last night and my interactions were totally different after doing the pstec free process for the last several days. there was still fear there in talking to women outside of our group, but some incredible things were happening. I know it was due to pstec (and some sedona too) but I felt so different, and open and wasn't shying away nearly as much. It was awesome. I”m on the right track here I have no doubt!!!!

    would be curious to hear your thoughts/feedback on my goals here with confidence and beautiful women, if so inclined…no rush or obligation though!!

    thanks so much!!!