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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Danny,

    Thanks for your posts.

    I would put PSTEC Negative high on the “essentials” list actually. Tim's new program, “Belief Blasters” (  works extremely effectively too. For now, though, you certainly have more than enough to get started and to make huge progress.

    Your goals seem to be very solid and clear. How do they sit with you? Do they convey exactly what you desire?

    I maintain that, whether you set goals or not, that people are clear on who they want to be, what attitudes they want to have (in certain well-defined contexts) and traits they wish to exhibit. So, in this regard, you would want to be someone who feels entirely at ease with the world and people around him, unshakeable in the face of criticism etc.

    Given what you described about your childhood, making a list of everything you didn't want to happen can be a very effective strategy. The Accelerators can bring some of the problems and causes to the surface, but work through each of these issues systematically.

    You may also wish to run the Click Tracks on how you would have felt as a child – not feeling safe, seeing your mother upset or lashing out at your dad, not getting her affection. What might you have been concluding about yourself, about your mother, about life, about women etc.?

    Take time and see if anything comes to mind.

    On some level, you might also fear being attacked for approaching women you find beautiful. Maybe it's an “anxiety attack”, being criticised, being ridiculed or being shouted at. See what comes up and, while imagining the worst case scenarios, run the Click Tracks.


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