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Shailen Patel

    Hi Danny

    PSTEC can be used for physical issues and I'm sure the pros will chip in approaches and cautions.

    I thought my story might help.

    Since I became ill from multiple health issues over 10 years including dysautonomia, Hypermobility, mast cell activation syndrome, hypothyroidism (the list goes on)

    I experienced chronic shortness of breath, now I had extraction orthodontics which brought my upper jaw back making my airway narrower and causing TMJ issues – stress makes this worse

    I'm having it treated and my breathing is improving however dealing with mildly threatening issues would cause increased SOB

    I kept saying well that's because I can't responded with what would have been my normal respiratory response but since I embraced the idea that a stressor is a stressor and worked with this in earnest the breathing has further progressively improved.

    Interestingly TMJ issues can manifest after injury or stress due to bruxism (grinding teeth) or even adverse muscle tension

    The lungs are interestingly also associated with grief in Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Also I'm skinny so it's not always the classic overweight picture with OSA.

    I now view my present emotional responses as having been unveiled by the multitude of conditions which keep me company rather 'if I was well they wouldn't be around'

    The vulnerabilities are not so evident when we feel physically secure suddenly something goes wrong with the body and fears that were but not apparently relevant to our well self come pouring out.

    I fought this for a long time but as Jeff told me when he made clearing his priority he saw the greatest changes and that's where I am now.

    I've contributed a bit more in case it helps you or others.

    Hope this helps