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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Another,

    Good question, but regrettably not a “one size fits all answer”, as experiences and effects vary.

    It all depends on how the tracks typically affect you. While PSTEC is indeed solution-focused, there are many unique tools within the PSTEC suite…and pleasant and unadvertised “side benefits” in them.

    Many PSTEC users feel very free, attentive and relaxed after using the Click Tracks. Others may experience that by using the non-tapping versions of PSTEC Positive, or the various hypnotic tracks that are available.

    “Embracing Change” ( is an excellent free program. Others people have reported feeling extremely at ease after using “No More Anxiety” (

    However, there is no PSTEC track that is designed with the explicit intent of putting users into the Theta brainwave state, or a meditative state. As a consequence of eliminating unwanted beliefs, emotions and changing your mind model, though, you may surprise yourself with the sort of states you start to experience on an ongoing basis.

    Hope that helps.


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