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      after a good half hour or so of quiet meditation (i usually just sit and face the wall), my mind is open and attentive.  is there a pstec tool / process that i can use which has a similar effect?  the toolset appears to be problem/solution-oriented but i'm not sure what problem i would be solving in this case.


      Paul McCabe
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        Hi Another,

        Good question, but regrettably not a “one size fits all answer”, as experiences and effects vary.

        It all depends on how the tracks typically affect you. While PSTEC is indeed solution-focused, there are many unique tools within the PSTEC suite…and pleasant and unadvertised “side benefits” in them.

        Many PSTEC users feel very free, attentive and relaxed after using the Click Tracks. Others may experience that by using the non-tapping versions of PSTEC Positive, or the various hypnotic tracks that are available.

        “Embracing Change” ( is an excellent free program. Others people have reported feeling extremely at ease after using “No More Anxiety” (

        However, there is no PSTEC track that is designed with the explicit intent of putting users into the Theta brainwave state, or a meditative state. As a consequence of eliminating unwanted beliefs, emotions and changing your mind model, though, you may surprise yourself with the sort of states you start to experience on an ongoing basis.

        Hope that helps.


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        PSTEC User

          Thanks, that's very interesting.

          Often after running a click track, I feel like I've had a good cry. How I explain that is that I think the click tracks whipsaw me into and out of theta states and that the transitions into and out of theta states (as opposed to the sustained theta state) are actually where healing happens and openness can be established.  At least that's my personal pet theory, which could be totally bunk.

          However, the click tracks don't work without a specific emotional response that I want to change. (That's like crying too. I don't ever cry just to achieve the post-crying state, it's a side benefit.  In fact I hardly ever cry, and this makes me wonder, why not?)

          I have a couple of thoughts. 

          One is that I could just try pstec positive to suggest to myself that I spend more time in this state.  That's straightforward; I'll try it.

          Two is that maintaining this state is often a function of making little mental choices (don't follow that illusion down the rabbit hole!) or physical choices (i'm exhausted, so take a break!) and that I could use the tracks to help me make those choices more consistently.

          Three is that – and this is really a function of my philosophic bent – I would just rather prefer a tool that either had no specific object in mind or had as its object the mind and not an external reference.  Perhaps positive can be used in this way.

          I should have another listen to no more anxiety.  Anxiety isn't a huge issue for me so it didn't really hit.  (I'm often surrounded by anxious people and that's tiring.)  I had a very good experience with No More Anger; in the end I couldn't convince myself that I wanted to get rid of all anger (I was close before the election in the US but after it seemed much more tied to my survival) but I certainly feel it less than I did and use the language of the recording to talk myself out of anger whenever I notice it affecting specific situations.  Other people really will do things that I wouldn't.

          Brian Tucker
          PSTEC User

            A very common cycle with anger is control and powerlessness. A person might need to feel in control to be safe. When they are not safe they use anger in an attempt (protect) to regain control and keep them from feeling powerless. When that doesn't work the person goes into powerlessness and the result of that is being defeated and a  tremendous amount of pain. Same could also go for those who believe things need to be perfect to be safe.

            Your comment about the election and being safe reveals that you are attempting to control something “out there” to get a sense of safety. Conditions you have zero control over. You would be better served to resolve your fear/powerlessness so therefore you will no longer have this triggered illusion that you need to “do something” to maintain control. You don't need to be in control. The more you let go of the controls and the more control you give up, the more you will gain and the less painful situations you will subconsciously create and physically experience.

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