Reply To: attentiveness and openness

Brian Tucker

    A very common cycle with anger is control and powerlessness. A person might need to feel in control to be safe. When they are not safe they use anger in an attempt (protect) to regain control and keep them from feeling powerless. When that doesn't work the person goes into powerlessness and the result of that is being defeated and a  tremendous amount of pain. Same could also go for those who believe things need to be perfect to be safe.

    Your comment about the election and being safe reveals that you are attempting to control something “out there” to get a sense of safety. Conditions you have zero control over. You would be better served to resolve your fear/powerlessness so therefore you will no longer have this triggered illusion that you need to “do something” to maintain control. You don't need to be in control. The more you let go of the controls and the more control you give up, the more you will gain and the less painful situations you will subconsciously create and physically experience.