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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Danny,

    Thanks for posting.

    So, using the PSTEC Negative criteria, keep the sentence/belief concise and about 8-10 words long.

    Specificity is great, but might make the sentence a bit unwieldy.

    I would suggest:

    “(It is my belief that) I can't get regular clients.”

    The “with ease” aspect is an extra layer of meaning. What does “with ease” mean to you specifically? Why do you think it would be difficult? I would recommend getting really clear on that.

    Then remember the counterexamples. Has anyone doing your line of work been able to acquire at least 4 clients per month? That might be one counterexample.

    Then, you could delve into the self-concept aspects that MIGHT be supporting the belief. What is it about YOU that has you believe that you can't get 4 clients per month?

    See what comes up – maybe something about you, maybe something about the service you are offering, maybe something about selling or money. These will be tied to different beliefs and emotions.

    You can also run the CTs while imagining trying to acquire clients. Are there any “hurdles” or discomforts cropping up? If so, you can neutralise these.

    Hope that helps.


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