Reply To: pstec negative statement help


    thanks Paul and Brian – awesome stuff here!!

    I think a couple things might be going on….

    first is that I have not been walking my talk for a while with what I help mentor clients with even though I have in the past and it really does work!! and that is all changing to where I am walking my talk more than ever using pstec…so becoming less of an issue…

    part of it is doing the sales call is my least favorite part of my business…even though I have learned to like it more than ever…however I am in the process of hiring my first sales person and then second after that…so I willnot have to do sales at all!!! which I figure getting people who love sales I can skyrocket my business too…I am actively starting to hire by middle next week.

    I also have fear around increasing marketing spending when in my gut I know it is the right thing to do…because it will ensure I get even more prospective clients for me…

    does that complicate things too much I hope not!!!  :P