Reply To: No More Anger / No More Anxiety – How Often to Use?

Brian Tucker

    If you run those two every day for a few weeks you will see a significant decrease in both your anxiety and anger which will start to stabilize you immediately.

    These two tracks completely changed the way I approach pstec. There are many benefits in no more anxiety beyond the anxiety piece. When you listen to it long enough, one of these benefits is you will start to automatically releasing programs in the moment when they occur. It will be gone once and for all. It is very efficient.

    I would recommend listening to these both once a day as a priority with the other tracks as a supplement used for big, obvious things you want to remove on the weekends.

    On the anger I would start with removing any feelings of frustration you can think of in any area of your life. Even the frustration of being frustrated and sick and tired of having so much anxiety and anger in your life and nothing you can do about it.

    Also if you have high anxiety and run more than a few passes of the CT in a day it can severely exasperate your anxiety.