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    Ralph K
    PSTEC User

      Hi all,

      I plan to start using No More Anger + No More Anxiety (In addition to Click tracks, BB, PP…).

      My question is… how often should I listen to both of them to notice its effects? Should I use them everyday? Or may I listen to each one on alternate days?

      Paul McCabe
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Ramance,

        Thank you for posting.

        There is no “hard and fast rule” for how often you use any of the PSTEC tools. I personally recommend immersion (regular use of the tracks and mixing them up for variety), but there are times when that might not be the best choice.

        So, without being too prescriptive, I would suggest that you listen to “No More Anger” every day until you notice the anger subsiding. This might take a few weeks or a few months, but there is no hurry.  At least initially, you are advised to listen to that track once every day…if possible.

        When you sense the anger has completely gone and the anger is gone for 14 full days, listen to track 2 of “No More Anger.”

        You could listen to both “No More Anger” and “No More Anxiety” on the same day, if you wish…or listen to “No More Anxiety” every other day.

        To some degree, follow your intuition here. If you perceive that anxiety impacts you more often than anger, you could listen to and work through “No More Anxiety” first.


        Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner

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        Ralph K
        PSTEC User

          Thank you Paul!

          Brian Tucker
          PSTEC User

            I had extreme anxiety both general and social. I have been listening to No More Anxiety for 6 months and as of a few days ago it's gone

            No more anger I listened for four months.

            One thing to be aware of is that Anger could primarily come from Anxiety and/or other past unresolved emotional issues.

            In my situation, No More Anger was released six months before No More Anxiety.

            I know other folks who have listened in less time and become completely anxiety free.

            The key to both of these tracks for me – very important – is to really focus on the thoughts and feel the feelings the entire time you listen to the track while you listen as carefully as you can to the audio.

            Ralph K
            PSTEC User

              Thanks Brian,

              I also do have severe social anxiety, with a highly developed avoidance behaviour,  and I was motivated to run both tracks after reading your posts.

              I planned to run them every single day, but that's a total of 1 hour per day, and if I want to run also click tracks, belief blasters, PSTEC negative… it won't be really possible for me to run them every single day.

              So probably one of them per day and Saturday+Sunday both, may be a good schedule.

              Brian Tucker
              PSTEC User

                If you run those two every day for a few weeks you will see a significant decrease in both your anxiety and anger which will start to stabilize you immediately.

                These two tracks completely changed the way I approach pstec. There are many benefits in no more anxiety beyond the anxiety piece. When you listen to it long enough, one of these benefits is you will start to automatically releasing programs in the moment when they occur. It will be gone once and for all. It is very efficient.

                I would recommend listening to these both once a day as a priority with the other tracks as a supplement used for big, obvious things you want to remove on the weekends.

                On the anger I would start with removing any feelings of frustration you can think of in any area of your life. Even the frustration of being frustrated and sick and tired of having so much anxiety and anger in your life and nothing you can do about it.

                Also if you have high anxiety and run more than a few passes of the CT in a day it can severely exasperate your anxiety.

                Ralph K
                PSTEC User

                  Many thanks for your suggestions Brian, it helps a lot.

                  I will use them both daily, with some daily meditation, and will run the click tracks and other tracks ocasionally on bigger issues.

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