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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Clearingman,

    Good question.

    “Trying” presupposes you are not feeling that emotion already and some PSTEC users may come to the track with the emotion more repressed than if it was “in the moment.” By “trying”, it invites the user to evoke the emotion again.

    Someone may be ClickTracking a memory from many years ago and, in the first instance, the emotion may not “feel” as intense as it once did. People come up with all sorts of rationalisations, distractions, coping mechanisms and survival strategies. However, the memory may well still be impacting the experience of life in very meaningful/destructive ways.

    “Trying” can get rid of this avoidance and ensure conscious focus.

    If you already feel an emotion very intensely, however, this can help get rid of the problem quickly and without it lingering. You can still “try” to make it more intense. That is why running a CT when you actually have a negative feeling can be a very useful strategy and can work as a brilliant maintenance tool.

    I hope that helps.


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