Reply To: Difference between trying and doing?

Daniel Wynn

    Hi Clearingman

    Trying v Doing: The difference is fear of the consequences, that is fear of success or failure for what ever reasons. One is more like making the attempt the other “feeling the fear and doing it anyway”.

    Trying v Feeling: If you cannot get the feeling then trying will do. It is better to be clicking anything than not at all. If you cannot access the feeling and or memory you could create a fictional event that might happen to you that would produce the same or similar emotion, and CT that fictional event.


    Hi peter, thanks for your advice. I have been trying on every track, i just found it confusing, because i already felt bad, i didnt need to try. But i understand now, by trying your releasing more, by targeting deeper emotions. I Have been doing the fictional events too, that works really well at times.