Reply To: Life is looking brighter

Daniel Wynn

    Just an update/

    Have finished a long week today. I continue to see improvements in my life all around me. Im am speaking up more, feel more at ease around newer people. It really is in the smaller moments through the day. I find things funny again, I'm not just laughing for the sake of trying to feel something. I generally find things funnier, and I'm not bothered if no one else is laughing with me (although they are). Im listening more too, i consider myself a good listener, and have been told I am too. But it becomes effortless, but also focused at the same time, im really fully caring about what you have to say, and only that. No other distractions in my mind. I think i might still have a long way to go, but for the first time I am actually cool with that. Life is a journey, and healing wont ever stop. It has been rocky this week with emotions bubbling up, but again, its healing and i know its worth the temporary discomfort.

    Thank you.