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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Joe77,

    Thanks for your post.

    If you do not have the track Brian recommended, you can absolutely resolve your issue by using the Click Tracks.

    I would suggest working through the Click Tracks before using PSTEC Positive, as Positive tracks help you layer in suggestions…but are not designed to remove emotions. They do work brilliantly in their own right.

    When using the Click Tracks, bear in mind that you are TRYING to feel the emotion. Just try as hard as you possibly can.

    Go back to how you would have felt back then. Evoke the memories. What was said? How did your parents look when they criticised you? Did any particular criticisms “sting” more than others?  Work with these.

    Then, run the CTs on how you feel now. You could see if you have any emotions that come up when you are criticised now – by your parents, friends or strangers. 

    Keep running the CT until the SUD rating goes from a high number (e.g. 10) to a low number (0 or 1 ideally).

    You can also use the PSTEC Positive Extra track(s) to layer a suggestion like “Every time I run the Click Tracks, I remember the cause of my problems.”

    This will aid recall.

    Thanks again,


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