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Brian Tucker

    You put it in the past tense

    I've been a smelly sandwich

    You then repeat that over and over doing nothing else but focusing on the phrase as hard as you can and trying as hard as you possibly can to believe that what you are saying is presently true. That indeed, yes, you were in the past a smelly sandwich.


    I believe if you try it either way – That it is presently true and/or it was true in the past but not now, you will still get the same result. Try it both ways and let us know what result you get.

    Belief Blasters are pretty much foolproof and extremely forgiving.

    You can even try it on something like  “I've been sarcastic” and it will take you right to those memories, feelings and release most if not all of them. Obviously, you are not being sarcastic right now in trhe present moment, it's definitely in the past.