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Daniel Wynn

    You put it in the past tense

    I've been a smelly sandwich

    You then repeat that over and over doing nothing else but focusing on the phrase as hard as you can and trying as hard as you possibly can to believe that what you are saying is presently true. That indeed, yes, you were in the past a smelly sandwich.


    I believe if you try it either way – That it is presently true and/or it was true in the past but not now, you will still get the same result. Try it both ways and let us know what result you get.

    Belief Blasters are pretty much foolproof and extremely forgiving.

    You can even try it on something like  “I've been sarcastic” and it will take you right to those memories, feelings and release most if not all of them. Obviously, you are not being sarcastic right now in trhe present moment, it's definitely in the past.

    Hi brian,

    Thanks for your response.
    Does the wording matter as long as you are sure to put it in the past? Because there are many ways to put a present statement in the past.
    Also, and this is the thing im having trouble with and i still dont fully understand. We are trying our hardest to believe that it was true, or is true. So, does that mean that it can no longer be true, because it once was true in the “past”? In the track tim says to try as hard as you possibly can to believe it. I try my hardest to believe my statement, e.g “I was sarcastic” but I dont know what to focus my thoughts towards. Like how do you “know” you believe something, is it a feeling? Or do you just connect with the thought in the present/ past tense and keep telling yourself you believe it.

    Dont get me wrong, I am having a lot of success with these belief blasters. Just want to see if i can be even more successful with them, or if there is something i can add. Also when things pop up like events that support the statement what do you do with those?

    Thank you for your help.