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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Clearingman,

    Thanks for your post and I hope you are okay with me weighing in.

    Your questions show you are really considering things and I appreciate that. I know that this will help other PSTEC users too.

    The wording does not matter, as long as you are using an actual belief and modifying the belief statement in a way that resonates with you. So, 'I'm not good enough” could be “I wasn't good enough” or “I had not been good enough.” Fit what works for you.

    How you know you believe something will vary from person to person.

    It could be a feeling. If it is something you hold to be positive belief (e.g. “I'm a good student.”), there will be a feeling of certainty and perhaps a sense of comfort.

    If it is something like “I'm stupid”, saying this will likely produce an uncomfortable feeling.

    If you do not believe it at all, there will be an absence of “certainty”, a sense of neutrality and saying the words may even feel a little absurd. If you say “I'm a Martian” and compare it with a belief you KNOW you hold, then see how it differs. It will become clear to you.

    You could say there is no “one truth” – just our own truths. However, I do recommend adding suggestions that are consistent with your current reality. If your bank account is overdrawn and you are not paying your bills with ease, I do not believe that “I make lots of money” is the best suggestion. Others may dispute that. You might benefit from the feelings and thoughts the suggestion creates, but I personally recommend layering in suggestions that lead you to where you wish to be.

    The subconscious does take things in a literal sense. To be clear, people could go through life with all types of thoughts about their omnipotence and levels of success, but there are consequences to this.

    If it frees you, be your own judge. I doubt, however, that such a suggestion would lead to unethical behaviour, as there are other ways to make money. What might the effect be of adding the suggestion “I make lots of money”? Do you think it would help or hinder you?

    Only one way to find out  ;)

    The way the tracks are crafted, thoughts and imagery may pop into your mind. You do not need to force anything.



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