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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi David,

    I appreciate you are in dialogue with Brian, so I hope you and Brian are okay with me adding my proverbial two cents.

    “I'm financially successful in business” is structurally fine, but would be more readily-accepted by your subconscious mind if you do, in fact, perceive that to be true. If you already did, though, there probably be no benefit in affirming it.

    It might be akin to affirming “I'm a human being.” If you already have it, you would not need to affirm you already have it. PSTEC Positive will help you layer in the suggestions and allow you to enjoy the journey.

    There are different ways to break this down. What IS “financially successful” to you… in monetary terms? Success is subjective, of course, so I recommend being clear on what that is. If you are not there yet, this does not make you a failure in business or life. It is just one metric and a very transitory one at that (opinion!).

    I would then suggest you work on any bad feelings you may have on not achieving your goals, or around money.

    Then, if you are not achieving the financial goal at this time, layer in suggestions that are more readily-accepted and could “scaffold” you to where you want to be:

    “I have what it takes to earn…..per month.”

    “From today, I will take the necessary actions to work on my business.”

    “Tomorrow, I will speak to (local businessperson).”

    THAT kind of thing.

    Take care of yourself.

    Paul  :)

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