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Paul McCabe
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    Hi bjdutch,

    Those are great questions too and you have inspired me to write in more detail about this. I will do that in the near future.

    There are different ways to go about this: you can change your circumstances, or you can change how you feel about your circumstances. When you change how you feel about yourself, however, magic can happen.

    Changing how you feel about your current circumstances does not mean that you would settle or be “disinclined” to seek change.

    If you see life as a journey with “what I want to do” as a destination, “where I am now” (physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually etc.) is just a detour. If we miss the lessons or the scenery, we sometimes miss how enjoyable the journey can be.

    What can be good about your current circumstances? What do you enjoy in your current job? Certainty? The income? Your co-workers?

    In what ways could your “crappy job” end up being a good thing?  One way might be that you now know what you DON'T want to do. So, if money was not an issue and you could pursue what you wanted, what might that be?

    If fear was not an issue and you only felt excitement, confidence and passion for your new pursuits, what would you pursue?

    You can run the Click Tracks on the imagined outcome of leaving your job. Do any feelings crop up? Fear? Worry?

    You can also Click Track the various aspects of your daily routine that might be annoying or upsetting you – pinpoint the stress. Things like “the journey to work”, “the predictable nature of work” or “a critical and unappreciative boss” MAY crop up.

    Perhaps you feel a sense of disappointment that you perceive you are not doing what you “should” be doing at this stage of your life, or feel embarrassed that other people might be judging you harshly.

    Clear everything negative that comes to mind. You do not have to feel bad to realise that a job or profession is no longer what you desire in your life.

    What sort of beliefs have cropped up when working with Belief Blasters?

    If nothing has come to mind, then you could ask “What might someone who dislikes their job but hasn't changed it believe about their self, money, life and work?” 

    See what comes to mind, and blast away  ;)

    Also, nearly everyone with whom I have ever spoken (and I) have, at one point or other, felt concern about being on the wrong “path.” You are not alone there.

    Then, when you have cleared these emotions and blasted any beliefs you have found, I personally recommend layering in suggestions about real-world actions you can take. Examples of these might be:

    “Tomorrow I will look for another job.”

    “From today I will look for courses in…”

    Please let us know how you get on and please update us on your progress.

    Thanks again,


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