Reply To: Stop rumination

Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Brian,

    The rumination itself could be a habit and a way of staying safe. Like you mentioned, it is possibly an avoidance pattern.

    I would find out what is being avoided and why. What thoughts come to mind? What beliefs crop up?

    Then…blast said beliefs that feed into the pattern.

    Then, I would recommend using trigger statements such as:

    “When I think (X), I do (Y).”

    “When my mind drifts, I immediately bring it back to the present moment.

    “From now on, I will be more alert to what I need to do.”

    “I will keep going until I reach my goals.”

    And just layer in those type of suggestions to tip the balance.

    It would also be worthwhile, I believe, to find what type of thoughts are coming up and when specifically they come up. There may be some metaphorical aspect to it too.

    Hope that helps.


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