Reply To: Stop rumination

Brian Tucker

    Here are two more options:

    #1 You can clicktrack the thought. The feeling is nice to CT but it could come back.


    #2 You can add in some soft pstec positive suggestions that will be very easily accepted by the sub to counter the thought. I have found the best way to do this is not think of anything but just use the positive tapping version (I used extra positive) while opening and closing the eyes as per the instructions. As you open and close the eyes, just read the words on the paper over and over again with your inner voice but do not think of anything as you would normally do.

    E.G. You are worried about a friend who is in a bad situation, maybe a financial situation, job interview…whatever.

    It's possible everything with ______  can work out fine
    Maybe  _________ will turn out ok

    It's a good idea to do 1 & 2 though I find even doing #2 alone (you could do it with the non tapping journey track too) can easily tip the scales and knock the constant looping negative thought out for some fast relief.

    I did notice when I used #2 some negative thoughts came to mind, I suspect I was releasing them while it tipped. I have even used one statement to tip something with extra positive.